How Much Budget for a Siargao Trip? Siargao Cost Guide

A single Google search of the sublime island of Siargao in the Philippines will have you itching to book a trip there immediately. But how much will it hit your bank account to escape reality for a dream vacation to this mesmerizing island? Thankfully, weíve done the legwork for you so you can make sure you have enough pesos in your pocket no matter what your budget. Read on to find out how to experience paradise on a budget.

How Much Does it Cost to Go to Siargao?

The plane tickets are always a huge expense on any trip, especially overseas trips to far-away tropical islands. Of course, the actual cost to get to Siargao hinges on where youíre departing from, what time of year you plan on going, and more. To dodge paying extra for your plane ticket, you should avoid the below times:

  • Late December and early January to keep away from inflated holiday season prices.
  • April because there is a holy week in the Philippines that usually falls this month and many locals take trips to Siargao raising ticket prices.
  • March to May as this is the peak of the peak season and will set you back more.

This is how much a ticket to Siargao is likely to set you back:

  • North America: A ticket from North America will cost an average of anywhere from USD 600 to USD 1200 for a return economy ticket depending on where you depart and when you fly.
  • Europe: A ticket from Europe will cost on average between USD 650 and USD 1300 for a return economy ticket depending on where you depart and when you fly.
  • If you happen to already be in the Philippines then getting to Siargao is a much cheaper endeavor.
    • Manila to Siargao: A ticket can fluctuate from USD 100 to USD 300 for a return economy ticket depending on when you book it.
    • Cebu to Siargao: As itís close to Siargao, this route has two options to get there, by ferry or plane. The ferry is the budget option and will cost roughly USD 70 for a round trip. Whereas to fly, be prepared to shell out USD 60 to USD 200 for a return plane ticket.
Budget for Siargao

For travelers doing their Siargao trip on a budget, you can do it super cheap if you watch your spending and donít blow it all on day one! Thatís because many of the island's spectacular sights are free to visit and other expenses like accommodation, food, and transport are relatively low.

Estimated budget for a Siargao trip: 40 USD / 2300 pesos per day.

Where to Stay in Siargao on a Budget

Accommodation can be extremely cheap on Siargao, especially if you donít mind shacking up with a bunch of other adventure-seeking nomads in a hostel. The majority of cheap stays are located in the main tourist hub of General Luna. This is the beating heart of the island and serves as a great base to make friends and plan your trips to the abundant sights Siargao has to offer.

Here are some cheap places to stay in Siargao so you can save your pesos to spend on exploring:

  • Mi Casa Suites Siargao
    Tourism Road, 8419 General Luna
  • Ilakai Hostel
    Catangnan, 8419 General Luna
  • Three Little Birds Hostel
    Tourism Rd. Tuazon Point, 8419 General Luna
Where to Eat in Siargao on a Budget

While on this beautiful island, youíre going to want to sample plenty of the delicious local cuisine. Fortunately, thereís no shortage of spots to fill your belly with some truly tasty island food. That includes tonnes of vendors selling street food and plenty of Siargao specialties being sold at the General Luna Public Market.

Here are some of the best mouthwatering places to eat in Siargao that wonít break the bank:

  • CEV: Ceviche & Kinilaw Shack
    Tourism Rd, 8419 General Luna
  • Catangan BBQ
    R565+3R5, General Luna, Surigao del Norte
  • Pareís Paresan
    Q5Q6+JR6, Tourism Rd, General Luna
What to Bring in Siargao

If budget is the goal then pack light to save some coin on luggage costs as airlines arenít known for their forgiving nature when it comes to luggage charges. So, just bring the essentials as you can pick up any little things you may need for very little once you touch down.

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