What to Buy in Siargao? Where to Buy Pasalubong in Siargao?

The stunning tropical island of Siargao in the Philippines archipelago is a treasure trove of natural beauty that is both unique and amazing. However, this oasis of wonder in the Pacific Ocean has more to offer than just spectacular sights that are sure to take your breath away. It also has a rich and distinct cultural heritage which means there are plenty of tasty delicacies to sample and souvenirs to bring home.

Read on to find out about what to buy in Siargao, so you can be sure that you don't miss out on any of the island's specialties.

Famous Food in Siargao & What to Eat in Siargao?

Siargao is an island and that translates to a host of delicious seafood dishes made fresh with the underwater bounty caught by local fishermen each morning. Additionally, the tropical climate produces the perfect conditions for growing succulent and flavorful equatorial fruits. So, if you're a fan of fresh seafood and tropical fruit, your taste buds are in for a real treat.


Kinilaw is a famous Filipino dish that is essentially a ceviche. This mouthwatering specialty is made using raw seafood that has been marinated and then mixed with spices, fruits, and vegetables. However, what separates Siargao's Kinilaw is the abundant aquatic life like tuna and mackerel, and exotic fruits such as mangoes and papaya.

The combination of these delectable local ingredients gives the dish an extra kick of freshness and flavor that will have you ordering a second helping before the first is even finished.


This traditional Filipino dish originated in the Surigao del Norte region of which Siargao Island is a part of and it's a must-try for any hungry visitor. It's a sweet treat that can be found in markets and street vendors all over the island. Sayongsong is meticulously hand-crafted and is made of rice, coconut, and sugar.

Once the ingredients have been mixed, it's then wrapped in banana leaf and steamed to perfection. Due to the native rice used, the color is typically a vivid purple, and its unique look is matched by its delicious taste.

Boodle Fight:

Although it sounds like the name of some obscure combat sport, a boodle fight is actually an authentic Filipino communal style of eating. Firstly, banana leaves are laid on a table big enough for the whole gang and then covered with grilled meats, seafood, rice, fruits, and vegetables. Once again, the island's rich supply of fresh seafood and tropical fruits elevates this dish to another level.

The appetizing spread is then eaten by hand which only adds to the communal feel of the experience.

Gigaquit Rhum:

While eating the vast array of finger-licking local food on Siargao Island, you're going to need something to wash it down. Gigaquit Rhum is another local Surigao del Norte specialty and will definitely help get the party started. This flavor-packed drink is loved by locals and travelers alike and is quite rare outside the region.

So, before you leave paradise, have some good times drinking some rare and delicious rum!

Where to Buy Pasalubong in Siargao?

Before we get into where to buy Pasalubong, what is Pasalubong? Pasalubong is a Filipino tradition where you bring a gift for your family or friends back from your trip. It can be anything, from local delicacies such as Sayongsong or Gigaquit Rhum to souvenirs. For generations, it has been carried out to show you care and to share a slice of your travels with the ones you love.

Here are the best places to buy Pasalubong in Siargao:

Public Markets:

Marketplaces have been the beating heart of communities around the world since civilization began. The public markets of Siargao are full of electric atmosphere and diverse wares and are the ideal place to get Pasalubong. That's because you can find anything here, from local handicrafts to culinary delights, and if your negotiating skills are on point, you can get it at a bargain price.

Souvenir Stores:

Siargao Island is loaded with local souvenir stores where you can pick up Pasalubong. While these stores offer more traditional types of souvenirs, you can still find that special something for that special someone.

Artisan Vendors and Galleries:

If you're searching for a more creative Pasalubong while at the same time supporting local artists, you're in luck. The island has no shortage of local art galleries and artisan stalls that sell things like original artwork and handmade jewelry.

Surf Shops:

Given that Siargao is the place that put surfing on the map in the Philippines, a surfing-related Pasalubong is a great choice. Fortunately, they're everywhere but they're especially prevalent around the main surfing locations.

What is Siargao Known for?

With so many rare and magical destinations on the island, such as the Magpupungko Rock Pools, miles of picturesque beaches, secluded waterfalls, and much more, this is a tough question. But the one thing Siargao is most well-known for is Cloud 9. This world-class right-breaking reef wave is notorious for its awesome hollow tubes that attract armies of surfers and sightseers from across the globe.

For more information, visit the official Siargao website.
Siargao and Surigao: Are They the Same?

The names may sound alike but don't be fooled Surigao and Siargao are not the same place. However, the two are located super close to each other, and getting back and forth is a simple endeavor. Furthermore, if you're heading to Siargao by water from another place in the Philippines then you will have to stop at Surigao on the way there.

Surigao to Siargao Ferry

Surigao City is the capital of the Surigao del Norte province that includes Siargao Island. It's located on the country's second-largest island Mindanao and is a vital crossing point between the two idyllic locales. For sure, the most comfortable and cheapest way to navigate the waters between Surigao and Siargao is by taking the ferry that runs daily.

The ferry will cost you 180 to 230 pesos depending on whether you want economy, tourist, or business class seats.

Surigao to Siargao Fast Craft

There are two modes of marine transport for getting across the beautiful Surigao Straight, the ferry (RoRo) or fast craft. The fast craft lives up to its name and will shave a couple of hours off your voyage. But speed doesn't come free so it will also cost you a few extra pesos and it doesn't have the same level of amenities as the ferry.

The fast craft will set you back 350 to 400 pesos depending on whether you select tourist or business class.

Surigao to Siargao Boat Schedule

The actual traveling part of traveling is usually the most annoying. For that reason, it's best to know the boat schedule so you don't waste any precious beach time standing around waiting.

Here is the schedule so you can get your timing just right:

  • Ferry
  • The ferry departs Surigao every day at 4 am.
  • Fast Craft
  • The fast craft departs Surigao every day at 6 am, 10 am, 1 pm, and 3:30 pm.
Surigao Airport to Siargao Island

You don't have to traverse the open waters to get to Siargao from Surigao, you can also take a plane. However, when you think of all the airport hassle, going by air typically takes longer as there are no direct flights which means a stopover in Cebu. Also, it's expensive so going by ferry or fast craft is the better option no matter how you look at it.

Surigao to Siargao Travel Time

How quickly you arrive on the utopian island of Siargao from Surigao depends on how you get there. If your feet are itching and you just want to get there as fast as possible or you want to take your time and soak up the view, the choice is yours.

Here's a breakdown of the distance and travel times:

  • Surigao City to Siargao Distance: 37 miles.
  • Fast Craft: 1h 30m
  • Ferry: 3.5h 4h
  • Plane: Varies depending on the stopover time but typically takes several hours.
Surigao to Siargao Roro

Roro is just another term for ferry so don't be confused if you see it plastered on the signs at the docks. The name Roro stands for roll on roll off because these boats are designed to carry cars, motorbikes, and trucks as well as people.

Surigao to Siargao Port

Once your scenic journey is over you will arrive at Dapa Port on Siargao Island which is only a 20-minute taxi ride to the main tourist hub General Luna.

Siargao to Surigao City

If you want to leave Siargao the same way you came then no problem because the boats run both ways. Dapa Port is also the spot from which the ferry leaves on Siargao to get back to Surigao.

Here's the schedule for the return boat trip:

  • Ferry
  • The ferry departs Siargao every day at 10 am.
  • Fast Craft
  • The fast craft departs Siargao every day at 6 am, 10 am, and 1 pm.
Siargao and Surigao Map

If you want some visual references for both Surigao and Siargao, check out the below map links:

Are Surigao and Siargao the Same?

The names may sound alike but don't be fooled Surigao and Siargao are not the same place. However, the two are located super close to each other, and getting back and forth is a simple endeavor. Furthermore, if you're heading to Siargao by water from another place in the Philippines then you will have to stop at Surigao on the way there.

For more information, visit the official Siargao website.

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